Hey Sooper Dooper Moms

Are you a mom with kids aged 5 to 12 living in India?

Do you want to teach your child the importance of kindness, empathy, and generosity?

Is it important for you to raise children who make a difference in the lives of other kids, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds?

If you answered YES to these questions, we invite you and your child to join the Sooper Dooper Kids Club.

Empower your children to make a difference. Join the Sooper Dooper Kids Club and teach them the joy of giving, empathy, and kindness through fun activities and exclusive events. Together, let’s create a kinder, more inclusive world.

At Sooper Dooper Kids

We believe fashion is more than just clothes—it’s about sharing, caring, and making a positive impact.

By becoming a member, your child will participate in fun activities, exclusive events, and learn valuable life lessons about kindness and giving. Every fashion choice they make will help another child in need.

Our Promise: One Purchased, One Donated For every product purchased, we donate one to a deserving child. This core value ensures your child’s fashion choices make a real difference.

Join the Sooper Dooper Kids Club today and start teaching your child the joy of giving and empathy.



Impacting lives can start with a simple step—claiming a free t-shirt for your child!

We are giving away hundreds of high-quality printed t-shirts every week through a lucky draw. When you win a t-shirt, we donate one to a deserving child. This is a wonderful way to show your child how they can make a difference.


How to Participate

Fill out the form below.Winners will be notified via email within 24 hours with a special code.

Visit our online store, choose a design, color, and size. Enter your shipping details and use the special code at checkout.

Receive your Sooper Dooper T-shirt in 5 to 7 days.Unbox the t-shirt with your child and remind them of the difference they’ve made.


Sign Up

Note: Only for moms with kids aged 5 to 12 living in India.


Buy Now

Purchase a Sooper Dooper Kids T-shirt today. Your child becomes part of the Sooper Dooper Kids Club, and for every purchase, we donate a t-shirt to a child in need. Double the smiles with every purchase.



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